Ultra-Sound Cellulite Treatment

One of the newest anti-cellulite techniques is the ultrasound treatment.

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Cellulite can be defined as dimpled deposits of body fat especially on women’s thighs, hips and buttocks. These subcutaneous pockets of fat cause the tissue holding the skin of underlying tissue to stretch. The causes of cellulite are still a mystery, but the specialists believe the lack of exercises, stress, and smoking and drinking, aging, or getting fat may lead to cellulite.

Ultrasound is fairly new and is one of the best forms of treatment for any tissue injury. Nowadays, ultrasound treatment is used to treat joint and muscle sprains, tendonitis and bursitis. The ultrasound treatment can speed healing, relieve pain and inflammation, increase the motion range or reduce the muscle spasms. More, this is a great treatment for cellulite.

Most experts state ultrasound treatment for cellulite is perfectly safe and even less harmful than laser treatment. Cellulite affects both thin and overweight people, so if you are a slim person, don’t imagine that cellulite won’t affect you, because it comes as a shock when it does.

  • How Is It Applied?

Liz SkinCare Miami, FL 33135
  • The cellulite ultrasound treatment is given with a sound head that is easily moved in strokes or circles around the area affected by cellulite. This process will usually last only for a few minutes and it can be realized with the sound head alone or sometimes combined with anti-inflammatory cream, lotion or gel.
  • How Does It Work?

Liz SkinCare Miami, FL 33135
  • Ultrasound machines produce high frequency sound waves. The sound waves vibrate tissues, penetrating deep inside the affected areas. This will create heat that draws more blood into the tissues. From that moment a recovery process automatically begins.

Slim Plaster Treatment

The Ultra-Sound Cellulite Treatment is complemented with by applying slim plastering to client thighs area.

The Slim Plaster treatment was intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness of the skin, and altering the appearance of the localized fat, inches, cellulitis, stretch marks and flaccidity. Client is to leave the office wearing plaster and have it on for approximately 4 hr. Clients can easily and conveniently travel to work or home wearing the plaster as it is wraped with clear wrap, avoiding any stickyneess to your clothes, or car.

The Slim Plaster Body bandages are aesthetically effective using powerful substances with a proven and guaranteed effectiveness as for example: proteins, horsetail, elastin, arnica, ivy, pineapple enzymes, horse chesnut, minerals salt, marine algae, collagen, gotu kola extract (centella asiatica), caffeine, clay and many others which guarantee excellent results since the first sessions.

Slim Plastering, Liz SkinCare Miami, FL 33135

Duration: 60 Minutes

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