Ultra Sonic Stretch Mark Treatment

Liz Skincare Ultra Sonic Stretch Mark Treatment Miami, FL 33135

  • In a series of non-invasive, painless treatments, your stretch marks can become the same shade as the surrounding skin, rendering them much less noticeable. Treatments can help remove or diminish these unsightly and difficult to remove marks on your stomach, arms, hips or elsewhere, leaving your skin youthful and attractive.

  • How does light therapy remove my stretch marks?

  • Infrared and visible red light is beamed on to the stretch marks. This causes a reduction of the apparent scarring of the stretch marks, thereby softening and flattening the appearance of the stretch marks. A series of 10-20 sessions will be required over 5-10 weeks in order to see a 20-60 percent improvement.

  • What should I expect after each procedure?

  • The treatments are painless and there should be no discomfort or adverse affects after treatment. Following each quick treatment, you may resume your normal activities.

  • Are the effects of light therapy for stretch marks permanent?

  • The results of your stretch mark light therapy treatment sometimes last forever, but follow-ups or maintenance treatments may be needed to keep your skin looking its finest. These later sessions may be spaced a month apart and help maintain your skin's color and renewed elasticity.