Parafango Body Wrap

We offer a Parafango detox body wrap as a stress-reducer and detoxifier. This treatment will notably improve skin's texture and elasticity.

Liz SkinCare Miami, FL 33135
  • Key benefits that reaffirm the relaxing and rejuvenating gains that a body wrap promises:

  • Body wraps that use algae, seaweed, mud or clay are detoxifying treatments that help eliminate the toxins in the body through metabolic stimulation. Parafango body wraps are a good way to heal any cracking, cellulite and dry skin you may have. It helps you to retain the moisture of the skin and achieve a healthier skin glow. With this treatment, vitamins, amino acid and minerals will be absolved in your skin. To keep your skin moisturized, a weekly wrap is recommended.

    Duration: 60 Minutes

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