Teen Facial

Liz Skincare Teen Skin Face Facial Miami, FL 33135

Learn how to care for your skin with a skin care lesson included in every Teen Facial I provide.

This educational facial not only thoroughly cleans the skin, but helps teens to embark on a lifetime of good skin care by providing facts about what really causes acne and other skin problems. Teens know better than anyone the trials and tribulations of problem skin. After one facial you will be amazed at how much better your skin looks in just an hour! With a skin nourishing, cream-infused facial massage starting things off right, your aesthetician will proceed with those really fun extractions. Finishing things off is a pore-tightening facial mask.

It's time to welcome in clear skin! Start teens with a good skin care regime that they will continue into adulthood!

A parent must be on premise and provide consent for a teen facial service.

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